Employment Law Issues

Whether you are a startup business or a well-established corporation, you may be required to comply with state and federal employment laws. Employment law is a vast legal discipline that governs various facets of the employer/employee relationship and business law. Due to the expansive nature of this legal discipline, many savvy business owners utilize the expertise of employment law attorneys to craft compliant and effective employment policies. Continue reading to learn more about common employment law issues from Prestige Law Firm, P.C.

Common Areas of Employment Law Interest

Unless a business is a small partnership or a sole proprietor, it’s very likely the organization will have employees or even independent contractors. In either case, there are several applicable employment laws pertaining to wages, safety, and more. It’s detrimental for the continuity of the brand for organizations to recognize potential compliance issues and rectify them immediately. A few of the top areas of concern are:

  • Discrimination and Harassment Laws
  • Employment at Will
  • Overtime/Minimum Wage Issues
  • Military Leave
  • Hiring, Firing, Retention, and References
  • Privacy Issues
  • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  • Immigration
  • Workplace Safety

Emerging Employment Law Trends & Issues

In addition to the most common areas of employment law, it’s vital for businesses to stay current with the ever changing labor laws. These laws change regularly and are under the mandate of various federal and state agencies. A few of the most prevalent changes employers should make are to:

  • Keep all social media policies up to date. In 2012, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) made significant changes to social media policies. Make sure your policy is compliant and up to date.
  • Conduct an annual review of all employee handbooks, especially anything that includes “at-will” language. Minor changes may be especially beneficial and avoid lawsuits.
  • Ensure your criminal background check procedures are compliant with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s (EEOC) changes.
  • Continually provide discrimination and sexual harassment training to supervisors. Make sure everyone is trained to respond appropriately to claims of discrimination and observed discrimination. Retaliation claims are among the most common claims filed with EEOC.
  • Review and update all confidentiality, non-solicit, and non-compete agreements. Some of the latest court rulings confirm the enforceability of these agreements can weigh heavily on the specific terms used in the agreement.
  • Conduct audits of your organization’s compliance with hour and wage laws.
  • Minimize future claims by reviewing your exit interview procedures. The exit interview is the best time to remind employees of non-compete, confidentiality, and non-solicit obligations.
  • If your organization is a potential target for unionization, take time to review your company practices and policies to make sure you are prepared.
  • Conduct an audit of your leave and attendance policy. Pay special attention to your adherence to the Family and Medical Leave Act. The EEOC has been aggressively seeking businesses that fail to accommodate these employees.

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