Legal Dispute Regarding Robin Williams’ Estate Ongoing

Many residents of Yukon, Oklahoma, may be fans of the late actor Robin Williams’ work. Williams brought laughter to many during his lifetime. However, his death has left his family members fighting each other over his property.

The property at dispute in the ongoing legal battle includes a sizable collection of bicycles, literature and pieces of art. All in all, this property has a value of millions of dollars. Unfortunately, Williams’ widow and children are fighting over who should inherit this property. Recently, Williams’ widow has asked a judge to assist the parties in achieving a resolution if they are unable to do so on their own. However, Williams’ children are opposed to having the court intervene in the matter.

Williams’ estate plan left the ultimate decisions about his property up to his named trustees upon his death. According to the attorney for Williams’ children, Williams intended to vest the trustees with the task of carrying out his trust, instead of leaving the matter up to his heirs or a judge. Williams’ widow and his children have been using mediation to try to reach an agreement, but there are still issues that need to be resolved. The judge has requested each party to provide the court with further information by September 9.

Unfortunately, many families may find themselves in a dispute regarding a late loved one’s will or trust, even if they are not famous. They may believe a will or trust was deficient or invalid in some way. They may also disagree as to the intent of an otherwise valid will or trust. Because grief can cloud a person’s thinking, if a person is involved in a property dispute regarding a loved one’s estate plan, he or she may want to seek legal advice on how to handle his or her specific situation.

Source: abc News, “Robin Williams’ Family Back in Court Over Estate Dispute,” Sudhin Thanawala, Aug. 28, 2015