Oklahoma Corporation Commission

The Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC) is the group that supervises the oil and gas industry and regulates drilling across the state of Oklahoma. It provides regulatory docket instruments like permitting, information, and other services for land owners, the general public, and the oil and gas industry.

The attorneys at Prestidge Law Firm are extremely knowledgeable about the OCC and can help clients understand and navigate its rules and procedures. We will ensure your rights and interests and are prepared to represent you in proceedings before the OCC.

We can assist clients with issues that fall under the judgements of the OCC like drilling activities, notifications, and protests or appeals. This includes matters such as:

  • Application for pooling and spacing orders
  • Notification to owners in a particular unit and offsetting sections
  • Review of pooling and spacing orders
  • Unitization matters, including orders and plans
  • Increased density well applications
  • Conservation issues
  • OCC regulations
  • Cleanup of well sites
  • Applications and challenges for location exceptions
  • Compliance litigation

You don’t have to confront the OCC alone, our legal team is experienced and is prepared to represent businesses, land owners, and mineral rights owners alike.

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