Estate Planning and Probate

The lawyers at Prestidge Law Firm are experienced in providing legal services relating to estate planning and probate matters. We have represented many clients and understand the sensitive nature of these issues. Our team will work to give you and your family peace of mind while supervising the challenges that may surface in Oklahoma estates and probate.

Estate Planning

Estate planning involves the anticipation and arranging of a person’s wealth, property, and other effects should the individual become disable or deceased. This includes everything a person owns like their car, real estate, investments, accounts and more. These arrangements can be in the form of wills or trusts. Trusts can be active during life and on-going after death, while wills are enacted upon death.

Estate planning allows an individual to have control over beneficiaries and personal preferences in regard to how their possessions are divided and in what manner. If no estate plan is active, the state will divide property according to probate laws that vary by state. Creating an estate plan will create ease and peace of mind among you and your loved ones.

Gathering and organizing significant documents like titles and financial records ahead of time is important. Prestidge Law Firm can assure that documents are prepared properly and legally, as to avoid extensive probate litigation—saving your estate and family time and money.


Probate is a legal process that occurs after death, carried out by the district court in the county where the deceased lived. This process varies by state and establishes that wills are valid, inventories and appraises property, pays taxes and debts, and thus, distributes wealth and property among heirs.

A representative will be selected by the court, usually named in the will; otherwise this individual is usually a descendant, spouse, bank or trust company. This representative will essentially become the spokesperson of the estate and is responsible for collecting payments due, finding and distributing property to heirs, and carrying out the orders of the court as it pertains to the estate.

Probate can take various amounts of time depending on the preparedness of an estate and the individual case which it involves. Whether you are navigating the legal process associated with probate or looking for a trustworthy representative, Prestidge Law Firm is available to handle probate after the loss of a loved one.

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