Probate Litigation

While wills, trusts, and power of attorney are some of the procedures that exist to prevent disputes over property and assets at death or incapacity, probate litigation exists to contest those decisions and to assure fair dealings.

After death or at incapacity, a person’s will and sometimes trust regarding their estate, is submitted to probate court to identify what assets exist, what debts and taxes are owed, and how property should be distributed to inheritors as named by the legal document.

People often seek counsel for probate matters when no will or trust has been created by a decedent, or if a dispute arises among family members or beneficiaries. Sometimes financial exploitation by an outsider is the culprit, other times there may just be confusion in the terms listed in the legal document. Our legal team represents both plaintiffs and defendants and can handle a variety of probate litigation issues such as:

  • Help executors of wills make complicated decisions
  • Challenge beneficiaries with complete access to benefits
  • Help settle family disputes in regard to estate dispersal
  • Settle claims against the estate
  • Transfer titles to heirs

Probate litigation can be a lengthy and confusing process. Our attorneys can help move the probate process along and are determined to solve the matter as quickly as possible, while being sensitive to the personal issues that may arise.

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Probate litigation can create stress and tension between beneficiaries while dealing with court related issues. Our legal team at Prestidge Law Firm is experienced in helping to guide these proceedings. Let our attorneys handle legal issues while you mourn your loss.

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