Wills, otherwise known as a “last will and testament”, are legal documents that provide details regarding an individual’s preferences as to how their property and wealth are divided after death. Wills also can name the guardian of minors, an individual to manage property, and the executor of the will.

If there is no will at the time of death, Oklahoma intestacy laws dictate that property is given to the closest living relatives starting with the spouse and children, and so forth. If there are no relatives, the property is taken by the state.

Understanding Wills In Oklahoma

In Oklahoma, an individual can draft their own will as long as they have the signature of two witnesses who are over the age of eighteen and are not related by blood. It is important to prepare wills in the presence of experienced attorneys however, as they can be contested and disputed in court if they are not prepared correctly.

Additionally, changing circumstances in life (i.e. divorce or death) will alter the way your will is understood in court; it is important to have an attorney available and knowledgeable about your specific wants and needs so you may alter and prepare your will accordingly. Wills can always be cancelled or destroyed, or altered before death.

Wills and Probate Court

Wills do not avoid probate court, as the court must validate a will before it is enforced. Shorter probate times for your loved ones relies heavily on the legitimacy of a will. Our firm will legally draft and create a will so that you and your family have peace of mind.

Prepare Your Will at Prestidge Law Firm

Our attorneys know these topics can be delicate. We work closely with our clients in a time efficient manner to create wills they are satisfied with.

Always be prepared and make sure you have a say in the decisions regarding your property. Contact the lawyers at Prestidge Law Firm by phone at (405) 577-7703 or by filling out our online contact form.